Even if you are not here for a religious touristic route, it isn’t possible to remain indifferent to some of the churches in the Portuguese capital. Portugal has a very religious tradition and background whence, when visiting Lisbon, it is normal to notice that the city map is dotted with churches: valuable structures, not only at the spiritual level, but also historical and architectural.


Many people choose to visit the city because of these emblematic places, although this is not the case, at Luzeiros Suites we always recommend that some of the churches be part of your Lisbon tour.

Unparalleled in beauty, these churches allow the encounter with various styles of architecture that have marked the Portuguese capital over the centuries and tell the story of the dynamics, tradition and history of the city, in a very unique way.

After a relaxing night in our unit, you can get lost in the wonders of these beautiful and unavoidable structures.

Find our selection of the 6 churches in Lisbon that, due to their beauty, are a must visit.

1. Sé Catedral de Lisboa

Sé Catedral de Lisboa

Sé Catedral de Lisboa

The Cathedral is one of those buildings that mark a city. With the first stone laid in 1147, a few years after the birth of Portugal, the church was completed in the 13th century, bringing a Romanesque style and, even nowadays, a visible magnificence.

Because of its beauty, the church is the stage for the famous Weddings of Santo António, the patron saint of the city. If you visit Lisbon during the santos populares, you may have the opportunity to attend this event.

2. Basílica da Estrela

Basílica da Estrela

Basílica da Estrela

This eighteen-century church was created in the name of D. Maria I, the result of a promise made by the queen if she had D. Pedro’s child.

Apart from the striking beauty of the building, both outside and inside, it is also where you can find the monarch’s tomb.

3. Panteão Nacional

As igrejas mais bonitas de Lisboa- 6 obrigatórias

Panteão Nacional

The Panteão Nacional is a beautiful building with imposing architecture that deserves a visit, not only for its beauty but also for its heritage value.

This building has three tomb rooms where some of the most acclaimed Portuguese personalities found their final resting place, including authors, presidents and even the most famous Fado singer in Portugal: Amália Rodrigues, who would celebrate her 100 birthday this year. You can also get to know the Fado houses in the Portuguese capital.

4. Igreja de Santa Maria de Belém

Igreja de Santa Maria de Belém

Igreja de Santa Maria de Belém

At the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, characterised by a typical Portuguese style – the Manuelino style – you will find the church of Santa Maria de Belém.

In addition its magnificent beauty, this building also has an interesting history, being the resting place of D. Sebastião, the navigator Vasco da Gama and the poet and national hero Luís Vaz de Camões.

This church’s vault and the beautiful stained glass windows signed by Abel Manta are only some of the reasons why it is such an essential visit.

5. Igreja do Menino de Deus

Igreja do Menino de Deus

Igreja do Menino de Deus

In Santa Maria Maior, very close to the emblematic Castelo de São Jorge, you can find this 18th century church.

The immense stone structure was built in 1711 and survived the earthquake that destroyed Lisbon’s downtown in 1755. Keeping its grandeur and beauty, this church allows you to delight in the details of its walls and ceiling, which display amazing paintings.

6. Igreja de São Roque

Igreja de São Roque

Igreja de São Roque

Blending the Baroque and Mannerist styles, the igreja de São Roque was also a religious building that managed to survive, almost intact, the Lisbon earthquake in 1755.

This church has maintained, since the 17th century, a strong connection with the Santa Casa da Misericórdia and presents an interior with an unquestionable beauty, which is definitely worth a visit.