It is impossible to talk about Portugal without talking about Fado and, if you are visiting the capital of this country, you cannot miss the charm of this Portuguese song. Come and get to know the best Fado houses in Lisbon.

Very different from the joy of the Brazilian Samba, Fado is a sad soul song. Even so, when we hear Fado – especially the Lisbon Fado – It is possible to understand much of what our overseas brothers gave to the Brazilian culture.

With a warm touch in their voices, the Portuguese singers have created and brought to this day the charm of a very Lusitanian genre, where the guitars “chirp” and the voices cry.

This traditional Portuguese song, in 2003, was considered as an Intangible and Cultural Heritage of Humanity, by UNESCO and, therefore, a visit to Lisbon’s Fado houses becomes – for all that can be explained and for all one can just feel – completely a must for anyone visiting the Portuguese capital.

Therefore, more than just choosing the best hotels in Lisbon, you should also know how to choose the best Fado houses in the city. These are the places, which we will present to you today.

Get to know the best Fado houses in Lisbon and guarantee your best visit to this city.

1. A Severa (The Severe)

A Severa

Restaurant and Fado House – A Severa (The Severe)

The name Severa is eternally linked to the Lisbon Fado. Severa was the first Fadista (Fado singer) of the city and gives the name to this Fado house, inaugurated in 1955.

This Fado house will take you to the world of tradition, with a simple and typical decoration and an ideal atmosphere to listen to the Fado, with emblematic voices such as Natalino Jesus and Elsa Coimbra.

In addition, it also invites you to the tasting of the most traditional foods of the Portuguese cuisine.

2. Senhor Vinho (Mr. Wine)

Restaurante e Casa de Fados - Senhor Vinho

Restaurant and Fado House – Senhor Vinho (Mr. Wine)

Very referenced amongst the Fado houses, is the space of Senhor Vinho. This typical Fado house was born in 1975 and counts with the voice of much-admired Fado singers of the national song.

In addition to the music, the gastronomic delicacies of this Fado house will make mouth-watering those who want to taste the true Portuguese flavours.

3. Adega Machado (Machado’s Wine Cellar)

Restaurante e Casa de Fados - Adega Machado

Restaurant and Fado House – Adega Machado (Machado’s Wine Cellar)

One of the oldest and most famous Lisbon Fado houses is the Adega Machado. With old photographs decorating the walls and with singers singing their soul, this space is a must place to visit.

In there one can listen to the Lisbon Fado, as well as to the famous Coimbra Fado, whilst savouring exquisite Portuguese flavours.

4. Velho Páteo de Santana (The Old Santana’s Courtyard)

Casa de Fados - Velho Páteo de Sant'Ana

House Fado – Velho Páteo de Sant’Ana (The Old Santana’s Courtyard)

If you visit this Fado house, you will surely be amazed by this place, which is truly, as its name indicates, a typical Lisbon courtyard.

An environment decorated with eighteenth century Portuguese tiles, flowerpots and a festive atmosphere serves as a stage for the Fado and creates the ideal atmosphere for tasting the best of the Lisbon’s gastronomy, to the sound of Fado singer voices.

Translation: Teresa Cardia