The hot weather and current circumstances we’re currently living in make the terraces an even more attractive plan. Lisbon is filled with locations that will guarantee a pleasurable experience while you have a drink, get a coffee or enjoying a meal outdoors. Get to know the selection we made for you with some of the best terraces in town.

If you are a passionate traveler and have already discovered Lisbons’ charms, it won’t come as a surprise that the Portuguese capital is full of marvelous places to enjoy the nice weather, have a drink or meal outdoors, and restore your strengths to be able to keep exploring the city.

Enjoy the centrality, comfort and security of our hotel and lose yourself in the city. Enjoy its beauty, its light and gastronomy and the wide range of local activities. Many of these experiences can be lived in open spaces of the city, which has adapted to the tastes of travelers, the demands of its inhabitants and, of course, the unusual times we live in.

If you enjoy the outdoors and cherishing a meal, or if you appreciate a refreshing drink or a good portuguese wine, the terraces are a great alternative. We’re proposing here 10 different Lisbon terraces. Come and meet them.


1. Luzeiros Caffé

Luzeiros Caffé

Luzeiros Caffé

In this venue adjacent to Luzeiros Suítes, with a private access for guests, you can delight yourself with a vast offer of traditional Portuguese pastries or enjoy a flouvorish light meal. Luzeiros Caffé provides you with two esplanade spaces – one next to the main entrance overlooking Campo Pequeno and another, more sheltered and modest, in the back.

2. TOPO Belém

TOPO Belém

TOPO Belém

This beautiful terrace is one of the best places in the city to have a cool drink while overlooking the beautiful Tagus River and some of the most famous monuments in Lisbon.

Located at the Centro Cultural de Belém, this is also the ideal terrace to dine while watching a magnificent sunset.

3. Linha d’Água

Linha d’Água

Linha d’Água

In the vicinity of the emblematic Parque Eduardo VII and El Corte Inglés, you can find Linha d’Água. This fantastic terrace is costumary to those who like to enjoy a moment of well-being outdoors. Despite the fame it has gained over the years, this terrace managed to maintain its charm.

4. Ribeira das Naus kiosk

Quiosque Ribeira das Naus

Ribeira das Naus kiosk

The Kiosk at Ribeira das Naus, one of the “in” terraces at the moment, promises a wonderful view.

You can take advantage of this space to enjoy a cool drink while recovering from your visit to Lisbon.

5. Honest Greens

Honest Greens

Honest Greens

In the heart of Parque das Nações, this restaurant invites you to enjoy its terrace, over the Tagus.

In this venue, full of healthy suggestions with fruits and vegetables of the season, you can enjoy a magnificent landscape.

6. Choupana Caffe

Choupana Caffe

Choupana Caffe

Traditional and connected with the soul of Lisbon, the neighborhood of Alfama, did not fail to present one of the best terraces of the city.

We are, of course, speaking of Choupana Caffé’s terrace: a place where you can enjoy a peaceful environment, as well as to enjoy a “bica”, as demands portuguese tradition, while regaining strength for your Lisbon journey.

7. À Margem

À Margem - Zomato

À Margem – Zomato

Equally inviting and also close to the river, overlooking its waters and nautical activities, is the terrace of À Margem. Ideal for those who want to have a cool drink or a cocktail, classic or signature alongside some delicious snacks.

8. JNcQuoi Asia

JNcQuoi Asia

JNcQuoi Asia

On a walk along Avenida da Liberdade, it’s impossible not to take a break on the terrace of Lisbon”s most recent restaurants, JNcQuoi Asia. Here, as the name indicates, the inspirations and suggestions come from the East. The vertical gardens that cover the terrace’s walls and the neons that light up at night, transport you to Tokyo or Bangkok’s street atmosphere that you cannot miss.

9. Bairro do Avillez

Bairro do Avillez - Zomato

Bairro do Avillez – Zomato

The famous Bairro do Avillez venue has recently opened a terrace, on the new Rua Azul, that arose under the decommissioning program of Lisbon’s City Council.

This terrace allows you to peacefully enjoy the meals of the restaurants or simply have a cool drink or coffee, as well as its fabulous atmosphere.

10. Acaso Kiosk

Quiosque Acaso

Acaso Kiosk

Visiting Lisbon will most likely take you to the Jardim do Palácio das Galveias and thank God! It is precisely here that you can enjoy, right in the heart of the city, a calm and peaceful place outdoors: the Quiosque Acaso.

Take advantage of this terrace to rest, drink your coffee or rent a book in the library.