Lisbon is a city worth visiting all year round; nevertheless, in the winter some of its charms can be especially appealing. Learn what to do and where to visit, to discover how the Portuguese capital is unmissable, in the winter.

The Portuguese capital is one of the European major cities, which invites you the most to spend charming days during the colder months of the year.

Many visitors, who choose the winter months to visit the city, are amazed at the beauty, which the city exhibits during this season. Furthermore, in the way the city lights up, with the welcoming way in which the spaces adapt to ensure comfort and, of course, with the weather.

Lisbon is a city with a mild climate and, even during the cooler season, there are plenty of sunny days, with a temperature that invites one to stroll throughout the multicultural streets, full of tradition.

In addition, Lisbon’s hotels, restaurants, pubs, museums and bars adapt themselves to these months, by providing refuge on the rainy days, blankets for the comfort of visitors and even hot and steaming specialty drinks, to warm up one’s body and soul, with the unique touch of the Portuguese art of welcoming.

There is no shortage of places in the city where one feels like spending several hours visiting, the wonders of the metropolis or simply enjoying its daily pleasures.

Find out which are the most impressive places to visit in the winter and what you can do to make sure that you make the most of the winter months, in the Portuguese capital.

1. Visit the Illuminations and the Wonderland

Visit the Illuminations and the Wonderland

Visit the Illuminations and the Wonderland

The coldest months in Lisbon are, literally, months of lighting. The city acquires a magical touch with the exceptional Christmas LED lighting, which adorn the streets, buildings and shopping centres, filling them with colour and brightness.

Celebrating these festivities, like no other city, the capital has also extended its invitation for a visit to a space where the recreation of Christmas magic is deliberated and is well accomplished: the Lisboa Wonderland. This space, which, for several years, has created a renewed atmosphere in Parque Eduardo VII, is fantastic for those who want to enjoy the magic of the winter, with activities as fun as ice skating.

2. Visiting Gulbenkian

Visiting Gulbenkian

Visiting Gulbenkian

Gulbenkian’s beautiful garden is also a place, which invites you to winter visits and, in this period, it is still possible to attend fabulous shows and visit magnificent art collections.

Here, a visit to the Caloustre Gulbenkian Museum is also a good plan and, in addition to the wonders of the space, you can also enjoy the warm and cosy atmosphere, which it offers. The same applies to the three coffee shops that exist in Gulbenkian.

3. Drinking a Glass of Wine

Drinking a Glass of Wine

Drinking a Glass of Wine

Portuguese wine is internationally acclaimed and, let’s be frank: who has never linked a cool winter day with a warm, full-bodied touch of a good red wine?

Enjoy the region’s famous wines and head to places, such as the Graça neighbourhood, Bairro Alto or even one of Lisbon’s viewpoints kiosks and enjoy the wonders of a good glass of wine, in the most beautiful places of the city. This is a fantastic way to please one’s eyes, one’s palate and warming up one’s body and soul, in the Lusitanian capital.

4. Visiting the Fado Houses

Visite as casas de fado

Visiting the Fado Houses

Friendly, warm and welcoming, the Fado houses in Lisbon are a must visit for anyone who spends a few days in Lisbon, during the winter.

In these spaces, not only will you have the opportunity to listen to the music, which has been listed as the Intangible and Cultural Heritage of Humanity, by UNESCO; furthermore, you can also taste what is the best that exists in the Lusitanian gastronomic tradition.

In addition, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of these spaces will serve to warm up one’s body and heart.


Translation: Teresa Cardia